Third Party Reviews

Anna Schwab | July 23, 2018 |

"Wasn't aware this place was only for men...but they said they could cut my hair. I just noticed not only is it uneven on the ends but one side is longer than the other!very unhappy."

Samantha Stambaugh | June 25, 2018 |

"Anyone Looking for your stylists Sammy, Jayne, or Iva? You can find us all at Hometown Barber on Route 3!"

J K. | March 10, 2018 |

"Sent my 14 year old here for a cut and it did not go well. I gave 2 stars because I would go back because of the price but would never get Paula again. She didn't listen to him at all. He asked for a trim on the top and sides of his normal cut and instead she gave him a buzz cut instead. So he went from 6 inches of hair to less than an inch. School on Monday for him should be fun. Again, not a bad place overall but if you're looking for something other than a shaved head don't go to Paula."

Jodie C. | June 03, 2016 |

"Took my son here tonight. Friday evening . One other customer there. My son was called back about 5 min after arriving. We described the cut. The cut reflected our request. $20 for a 12 year old. Thats fine. I think he enjoyed going to a "man's world" kind of place. We watched the X-Games/Austin while waiting and during the cut. Super cool. * *I do suggest having more than just one Men's Hairstyle book available.* * It would be helpful. He wanted to check out more styles before deciding."

Joe L. | September 01, 2017 |

"I have been here several times over the last year or so. The staff is really nice and the place is fun and usually pretty clean. Only complaint is that the wait is usually quite long. There are usually only two people working but 6- 8 cutting stations."

Greg Maratto | January 17, 2018 |

"Closes at 8 got there at 7:35 and the door was locked ....never will go there for this reason"

Stephen Reister | September 22, 2017 |

"In and out, great job."

Jessica Jenkins | May 18, 2017 |

"Love the staff."

Jimmy Sisk | February 21, 2014 |

"Neat place..gotta go VIP or stay home!!"

Kenneth Burden | May 05, 2014 |

"The good news is that they give great haircuts. The bad news is that their website says they open at 9am, but when I showed up at 9am it was closed and a sign on the door says they open at 10am. They need to change their website info."